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"I want to capture photos that align to life filled with (visual) poetry.Being a capturer of scenes wouldn't be too difficult I suppose for personally I quite dislike being the prominent subject of a photograph.Thus being behind the camera seems adequate and appropriate.Every time I notice something that strikes me,the wonder of the exact moment that I often want to record,the essence of the initial intriguement,the original allurement it contained the first time I had the gracious chance of witnessing it.Honest depictions,honest images of reality.To evoke if I could/would."-aspiring photojournalist/amateur soul.

"I am an amateur and intend to remain one my whole life long.I attribute to photography the task of recording the real nature of things,their interior,their life.The photographer’s art is a continuous discovery which requires patience and time.A photograph draws its beauty from the truth with which it’s marked;to record a memory or a document.And that is pure photography."-Andre Kertesz
there can’t be enough trees photographed in this lifetime.©Suhana Zainal2013  

A good photograph that tells a “beautiful” thing is not art. The beautiful child who looks at you with dreamy eyes or the wonderful girl with hair in the wind, that’s not art. Most often, art must have behind it a thought, that thought does not necessarily have to be political, but a thought that has to represent an idea related to the time in which we are living, the time of pollution, of cars, a time when there are poor, too much poor, and there are rich, too much rich.
..The way (to photograph) is more important because, as I said before, the beautiful girl - she is beautiful, the dress is beautiful, the flowers around her are beautiful, the scenery behind is beautiful - that does not make in itself a beautiful photograph. It is the composition, it is that something that you can grasp in that moment. The meaning that comes when something is a little more shifted to the right or left. Do you understand? There is something that you, the photographer, put into it that makes the picture different from beauty itself.

Letizia Battaglia, 2001

(a reminder to never ever submit to complacency in wanting to only capture ‘easy beauty’. seek the beauty in the mundane, the disregarded, the ordinary for these are where beauty radiates the most, gifted are those who eventually sees as one should see.) 
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Bandung©Suhana Zainal2013 
Bandung©Suhana Zainal2013 
Bandung ©Suhana Zainal2013 
©Suhana Zainal2011 
sometimes I like taking pictures from my windowsill to see how everything stands still in that moment of free will.
©Suhana Zainal2012